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Well hello there Gorgeous, I'm so glad you're here!

 I’m here to witness you fully in your power, living the life of your dreams.

I specialize in helping you to access pleasure and passion, tap into your power, and live from a place of purpose. Together, we will discover, explore and move through any blocks or trauma that are preventing you from the abundant success, joy, and peace that you deserve.

As a Doula I support women, families and communities, before, during and after birth. Together, we will create a plan to bring as much ease and grace to your pregnancy/birth/postpartum period as possible.

I am honored to be part of your journey.

My journey…

“My experience working with Sara has been tremendously empowering." ~ Jaime

How we can work together

Passion & Pleasure

Pregnancy & Postpartum


  • “Sara believes in the connection of mind, body, and spirit to move forward in life in a positive and inspirational way after trauma.”

    ~ Alison
  • “Sara inspires me to show up in new and courageous ways. I am so grateful for her wisdom, guidance, and healing as a passion and pleasure consultant. I?m looking forward to continuing our work together as I dive deeper into new ways of being.”

    ~ Sigrid
  • “Sara is a rare treasure and choosing her as your mentor is choosing to awaken.”

    ~ Alila
  • “Sara is a truly inspiring human who makes a positive impact on all of the lives she touches. After meeting her once I knew she was someone I wanted in my life. Not just because of her inspiring advice and positive nature, but because her passion and energy are something everyone needs in their life.”

    ~ Lauren
  • “Sara is such a strong guide. I feel so supported to dive deeper and figure out my next steps in life.”

    ~ Stephanie
  • “My experience working with Sara has been tremendously empowering.”

    ~ Jaime

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